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  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • COMING SOON TO Michigan

Sebert Oil & Propane, Inc

About Our Company

Sebert Oil & Propane, Inc is a family-owned supplier of diesel fuel, propane, and lubricants. We have been serving Northeast Indiana since 1947. Located in Butler, we serve farm, construction, home, commercial and industrial customers.

Sebert Oil & Propane, Inc

Why Choose Us

Sebert Oil & Propane was established on the principle of offering exceptional service and products to its customers. We are known for our friendly customer service and on-time delivery and ability to customize our delivery to meet your needs.  With onboard vehicle tracking and dispatching software, we are able to optimize delivery schedules to meet the fast pace world we are living in and still maintain the person to person relationship we are know for.  Our drivers are encouraged to take the time to get to know each customer while making the delivery. A good conversation is worth more than money.

Our Products

  • Diesel fuel (#1, #2, Heating oil)
  • Gasoline (all grades)
  • Propane 
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Lubricants
  • Wet hosing
  • Onsite refueling
  • Fuel, Gasoline and Propane tanks for your location and usage needs

Contact Us

Sebert Oil & Propane, Company Inc

501 S. Broadway, Butler, Indiana 46721

Office: (260) 868-2191 Toll free: 1 (800) 292-6568 Email Us: rory@sebertoil.com, randy@sebertoil.com

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